Corona Virus

For general advice, this Government website has some good tips. The City of Edinburgh website also has a page on Corona Virus here.

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you can register for the Government help at this website.

If you are stuck at home and need some help like getting food or medicine or other supplies, or if you want to help out, various websites are offering their services:

Edinburgh Evening News Facebook Group

St Patrick Square Facebook Group

Meadows Share Facebook Group

Greyfriars Kirk

You may have decided to volunteer for the NHS Volunteer Responders rather than supporting any local schemes. However please note that the NHS says "NHS Volunteer Responders is not intended to replace local groups helping their vulnerable neighbours but is an additional service provided by the NHS."

Alternatively, if you would like us, the Southside Community Council, to link you up with somebody local, click on the approriate button below:

It would be great to publicise the information on this page. If you know somebody who would benefit, please let them know. Also, if you can, please download a poster to print out and display.

Download A4 Poster (pdf)

Download 2 x A5 Posters (pdf)