Neighbourhood Watch alerts

Shopping Online Safely 24/11/2017

How To Shop Online Safely

Check the web address
Always check you’re on the correct website. Criminals can set up fake websites that have a similar design and web address to the genuine site.

Is it a secure connection?
Web pages you enter personal or financial details into should display a locked padlock sign and have a web address that starts with https. This means your connection to the website is secure.

Don't click on links or attachments within unsolicited emails. The number of online shopping related phishing emails increases significantly during the holiday period.

Bank transfers
65% of Action Fraud reports during the 2016 Christmas period were linked to online auction sites. Don’t pay for goods or services by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person. Payments via bank transfer offer you no protection if you become a victim of fraud.

Door step crime Bogus Workman 23/11/17

Message sent by Philippa Boyd (Police, Sergeant, Edinburgh)

Dear Community members

I am taking this opportunity to make you aware of 2 recent incidents in the Morningside and Grange areas, where elderly occupiers have been approached by a male in his 30's offering to fix loose roof tiles on their houses.

It is thought the male may be driving a white transit style van.

We are currently investigating the circumstances to establish any criminality, but if you can make your members aware I would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks

Graeme Nisbet (South East Inspector)
Southside /Newington
Liberton/ Gilmerton

Netflix E-Mail Phishing Scam 15/11/2017

Message sent by Samantha Campbell (Police, Constable, Edinburgh)

For anyone with a Netflix account please be aware of the following ongoing scam. The email header reads “Your Suspension Notification” to create a sense of urgency.

The e-mails appear genuine and threaten to suspend the account in 48hrs.

If the link is clicked on you are taken to a legitimate looking landing page replete with adverts for popular box sets and films where users are requested to input account and billing details.

The advice, as with all phishing emails, is to delete immediately, do not click on any part of the email. If you wish to check an account mentioned in the email, go directly to the site and log in, do not follow links. If the account allows, activate 2-factor authentication which won’t allow a criminal access even with the username and password.