Southside Association report November 2018

  1. Planning

    Nancy Jamieson and Laura Marshall, City Council Planning Department came to speak at the November meeting of the Southside Association. They talked about change of use applications, and the criteria used for determining these, and also Enforcement procedures and practice. It was a useful and informative talk.
  2. Roads Capital Programme

    The SA has still heard nothing about the Roads Capital Programme for next year, but have put forward it's suggestion for a safe pedestrian crossing at the east end of Salisbury Road, probably by a small change to the phasing of the traffic lights. The SA would welcome support from the CC in putting this scheme forward.
  3. Christmas Event

    The annual ceremony of switching on the Christmas Lights at St Patrick Square is to take place on Tuesday, 4th December at 6 pm, followed by a party in the South Side Community Centre. The Edinburgh University Musical Society and Preston Street Primary School choir will perform carols. Moira Gibson, former Edinburgh University head of External Affairs, will switch on the lights. This is always one of the most popular community events in the area, and the SA hope that members of the CC will be there. The SCC usually makes a donation of £100 towards this event. Can we do so again this year please?
  4. Flyposting

    The SA led a deputation to the Transport and Environment Committee of the City Council, supported by Joan Carter of the SCC, to draw the committee's attention to the mess of fly posting associated with the Festival Fringe. There is a Council contract covering Fringe advertising which is supposed to include control of fly posting, but it is clearly not working properly. The deputation called for the contract specification to be improved. The deputation was well received, and officials intructed to revise the contract. At a follow up meeting with Stephen Cuthill, Locality Enviroment Manager, who is tasked with progressing the contract changes, I represented the CC. It was a useful meeting and we expect the new contract to be much better as a result.
Philip McDowell
November 2018