More trees for the Southside

Cherry blossom in Lutton Place

Six New Trees for Lutton Place

Lutton Place is one of the few tree lined streets in the Southside, and, as such, is much admired and appreciated by its residents, other locals, and visitors too. The Spring blossom is an exhilarating joy! However trees become old and eventually die, or do not thrive because of disease, and need to be replaced. SCC has been trying for several years to find a way to replace lost trees, and possibly even increase the total number, on this street.

Last year we were able to get two new replacement trees- lovely white blossomed cherries-through the wonderful work of Treetime, an Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust initiative to do just this work of redressing the net loss of trees in Edinburgh. We made sure they were regularly watered throughout the Spring and Summer and they are thriving.

This year six more replacement trees were planted in March! This is thanks to both a grant awarded from Scotland Loves Local and to Treetime again, who agreed to match fund the grant and carry out the work. We are very grateful to both. It is not an easy job, digging out old stumps and avoiding damaging utilities!

We now have three beautiful white blossomed cherries (Sunset Boulevard) and three white blossomed, red fruiting, lovely autumn foliage Hawthorns (Crataegus X prunifolia Splendens).

Treetime website

Edinburgh and Lothian Greenspace Trust website