South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting-13 March 2017

The meeting was attended by most of the relevant Councillors and reps from all the relevant CCs. Sarah Burns, the SE Locality Manager, was there, and I think there was someone there from Health and Social Care Partnership. The Police and Fire were represented. The Student rep was not there (I don’t think). There were about 6 people form the public, all of whom contributed. Margaret Campbell sat with the public and contributed considerably. This is the last of these meetings Cllr Paul Godzik will convene.

Sarah Burns clarified the current position on A-Boards because it was not on the agenda as promised, which was to say that there is to be a city wide report and plan (we have had the paper on that now) and a new policy will be concluded by January 2018.

We had a presentation from Alex Hume, Station Manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service which I have summarised and circulated elsewhere.

We had Sargent Cuthbert from Police Scotland go through the report on the new Police Strategy (to 2026) that we have also all already had sent to us. This is at a consultation phase…. Key words were, “efficient”, “effective”, “empower”, and “flexible”. Some of the interesting facts were that 84 people are reported missing in Scotland, on average, every day. 1 in 4 of the calls to Police involve mental health issues. The police would like us to forward to them any information we may have about any kind of scam we become aware of (cyber or otherwise).

We had an update from Andrew Gallacher (Partnership and Information Manager), on the South East Locality Improvement Plan. I didn’t take much from that.

We had received an Action Group Progress Report which is a summary of the progress on the Local Community Plan 2014-2017 through looking at what the Working Groups have been up to. These are:

There was an evaluation report on South Central Decides. It disbursed £18,000 of Community Grant Funding including £8000 from Scottish Government for intergenerational community activity. It is a good and useful analysis, looking at numbers of people and organisations participating, where they come from, what benefits were perceived, how it was publicised, what it costs to run, etc. 10 projects were considered by the public with 9 being awarded the money they asked for in full and the 10th got partial funding.

There was a Community Grants Report as well. This included information for us to consider making awards to 5 projects. Three of these were agreed without discussion. (to Cameron House for summer activities for kids, to Cannongate Youth for summer activities for kids, and for the Meadows Festival). There was discussion about the Friends of Sciennes School wanting £5000 for a feasibility study onto whether the road outside the school could be closed off for a play area. It was approved. There was discussion, including from the public, about the application for £3000 as start up funding for a Junior Parkrun on the Meadows. This would be a regular Sunday morning event fro 4-14 year olds. In the end, it was approved.

If anyone wants to see any of the papers or to ask me for more details, that would be fine.