Minute of meeting of the Environment sub group: Monday 23rd January 17


Contact with Leithers Don’t Litter (LDL)
A boards
Clean up a Street

We agreed that all of these items have been discussed before; there needs to be some improvement in the impact of the SCC on the Council; also clarity in response about the possibility of implementation of the initiatives that come from the SCC


Joan on behalf of the sub group made contact with the LDL: They responded favourably to arranging a meeting to discuss the initiates that they have found to be successful including the education programme with Leith Academy.


A boards:
the Council has had a pilot implementation of the draft policy; this was circulated 2 years ago. There hasn’t as yet been any feedback on the outcome or if the proposals for greater ‘Street Hygiene’ are to be adopted across the centre of the city


Joan has had contact with Southside Association about the proliferation of flyposting and how this has a deleterious impact upon the look of the SS. Dora will liaise with the SA to see if we can have a strategy with the property owners; requesting that they will remove these and take measures, waxing the windows to prevent and assist easy removal of the flyposters.
Cameron Rose had reported at the last meeting was that there had been an informal agreement with the clubs in the city not to fly post. Is this still functioning?

What has happened to the pilot in Oxford St for bicycle storage?
How can this be rolled out across the Southside?
Some discussion about the need to repair designated bicycle paths.
Also discussion of the Causey proposal, which has not as yet been approved, and the money that will be spent on this as opposed to other urgent needs

The area the from Nicolson St down to the Mosque Kitchen especially around the bus stop; this is where there is a great deal of congestion between the stationary bus passengers and the ambulant people in the street. There is very little room for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Can the SCC take this forward with the Council


The Council has not given any information about the roll out of the new policy and work styles within the cleansing dept This is deeply frustrating as we have had several meetings with employees of the Council, at all levels, but there has been low impact.
This reflects on wider issues relating to the SCC

Clean a Street:
Proposal that this could be West Newington Place: Plan for this will follow the meeting with LDL

Kaaren Haughton