Secretary's Report February 2017

Invitations to events and consultations

  1. 7 January 2017: From Drew Murphy (, requesting that we promote IDEAL, a research project investigating how smart technology can help people use less gas and electricity in the home. It uses sensors to record energy use and details like temperature and humidity, and gives feedback to help reduce energy use, while maintaining comfort and convenience.
  2. 11 January 2017: 3 submissions from the Southside Association for the Local Environment programme 2017 / 2018 (believed to be the same projects as those proposed by the Southside Community Council).
  3. 13 January 2017: South Central Neighbourhood Partnership Funding Opportunity - Intergenerational Project, South Centra£ Decides again! Deadline 20TH JANUARY 2017.
  4. 20 January 2017: Request from to forward Your feedback from the online survey Your services are changing – play your part (results) to others.
  5. 12 January 2017: From Request to take part in a survey by ELREC (Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Equality Council) of community councillors’ ethnic origins (forwarded to SCC members to do individually).
  6. 19 January 2017: From Lynn Sharp (see above) re a Consultation on the future of the Scottish planning system. See Closes on 4 April 2017.
  7. 19 January 2017: From Laura@PAS.ORG.UK, re conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday 21 February 2017: A more collaborative planning system – what can a mediation approach offer.
  8. February 1: Civic Forum dates.
Other emails and copies of emails and letters received
  1. 9 January 2017: Equate Newsletter January 2017
  2. January 13 2017: Complaint to Derek Roden ( about noisy manhole covers and plates in Newington Road and elsewhere. An email on Feb. 3 said that these are to be dealt with.
  3. East Parkside: Continuing severe problems with bins at East Parkside 5 January 2017: From East Parkside Proprietors' Association, to John Waddel ( re failure to empty any of the six glass recycling bins before the Christmas holiday, despite contacts by telephone and e-mail made by CEC Waste Management senior management to Viridor. After the New Year holiday, several were full to the brim, and one had overflowed. On 1 February 2017, certain bins had been emptied but there were problems, including the doors to the bin stores being left open, and bins left outside, whereas they should be in locked bin-stores.
    a) 7 January 2017: From East Parkside Proprietors' Association, re problems with emptying of recycling bins, and enquiring why Viridor are no longer using lower height vehicles, and to report other problems. Reply on Jan. 8 stated that this will be looked into.
    b) 24 January 2017: to John Waddel
  4. 9 January 2017: From East Parkside Proprietors' Association, re inappropriate signage at the Holyrood Park Road gate.
  5. 27 January 2017: From East Parkside Proprietors' Association, to Alan Dunlop \(CEC South Area Roads\) (, re an advertising trailer parked in a restricted area (single yellow line) at the south end of Holyrood Park Road (with photo).
  6. 22 January 2017: From East Parkside Proprietors' Association, to Bryan Mackie ( and others, re unlocked gates across the slip road at the east (Duddingston) end of the Innocent Railway Tunnel.
  7. 1 February 2017: email stating that the assurance that the gates had been properly locked is incorrect, as the gate across the slip road is fastened only with a cable-tie.
  8. 8) Planning matters
    a) 12 January 2017: Discussion of former Apple computer shop at 95 – 97 Nicolson Street having been converted to a restaurant (Dai Pai,), with restrospective application for permission for change of use. It was agreed not to object, although of 4 premises in this block, 3 are now cafes. The Council’s Guidance for Businesses identifies Nicolson/Clerk Street as a sensitive area in regard to the provision of food and drink establishments in areas where people live. The Local Development Plan Policy Ret 11, Food and Drink Establishments states: The change of use of a shop unit or other premises to a licensed or unlicensed restaurant, café, pub, or shop selling hot food for consumption off the premises (hot food take-away) will not be permitted in an area where there is considered to be an excessive concentration of such uses to the detriment of living conditions for nearby residents.
    b) 12 January 2017: Forwarded from SA, a flyer listing workshops related to the City Vision consultation but also working on the new Locality Improvement Plans. There is a useful map of the four localities
  9. 9) 27 January 2017: From the Let There Be Light campaign against the hotel at India Buildings, re meetings every Monday evening from 7 - 9pm at Grassmarket Community Project, 86 Candlemaker Row, to progress the Judicial Review.
  10. Correspondence re Southside GP Surgery
    a) 10 January 2017: P.McD emailed expressing hope that the temporary accommodation offered by the University, and asking others to write to a number of individuals who may be able to help. JC sent a letter from the SCC.
    b) 15 January 2017: News that Boroughloch practice will also be closing (known for some time).
    c) 25 January 2017: P. McD emailed that Moira Gibson informed him that NHS Lothian have not responded to the University’s offer of temporary accommodation for the Southside Surgery.
  11. 20 January 2017: From H. McD re Flyposting in the Southside, and a meeting of members of the SA and James Gilmour with representatives from a company which, until recently, had a contract with the council to deal with flyposting in the city. They advocate cleaning windows and treating with wax to prevent posters sticking. Hilary suggested that the SCCs’ planning and environmental groups may be interested. Further emails on January 31st agreed to pursue these ideas, and asking how to get the council to implement them.
  12. 20 January 2017: from H. McD to Cllr.Rose, re apparently abandoned bikes in West Newington Place, opposite Summerhall and at the corner of Lutton Place by the bank, with request to know the appropriate person within the council to report these. The email also notes that bike racks are over-full.
  13. 13 January 2017: EACC
    a) Proposed meeting dates for 2017 — see the website in EACC Documents. The next meeting is on Thursday 9th February at 7pm. Feb. 2: agenda.
    b) Feedback from the Localities sessions held at the AGM
    c) EACC will present community views on the outcome of developments to the Edinburgh Development Forum March meeting. Request to CCs to consider if completed developments in your area turned out to be better/worse or as anticipated.
    d) Request that CCs send representative to meetings on "Community Planning for People and Planet" in Jan / Feb 2017 and provide feedback to the next EACC. The 4 discussion events are detailed below. They are free but it will help if people book. Ours is South East Locality including City Centre on Wednesday 8th February - 6-8pm at City Chambers. Free registration at
  14. 27 January 2017: From requesting contact details of our planning representative (P. McD sent these).
  15. 19 January 2017: From, requesting applications for funding for projects to tackle health inequalities in our area.
  16. 30 January: Information about, and suggestion that we ask them to give a talk at a meeting.
  17. 31 January 2017: minutes of the Southside Association January meeting, and agenda for the next meeting (Tuesday 7 February).
  18. Lutton Place
    a) 31 January: From Lesley Carus, Senior Planning Officer - Development Management, re tree cutting in Lutton Place. Her email states that the contractor was within their rights to cut branches that were overhanging the site and there is no formal process for this in terms of planning permission where the trees are not covered by a Tree Preservation Order.
    b) February 2: From Joan Carter to Lesley Carus (, Planning and Building Standards, City of Edinburgh Council to request a copy of the written agreement the Council has with the Bernard Terrace site developer that defines what tree work could take place, and enquire about the wall along the eastern boundary, and whether this will be a free standing wall, as the plans indicate.
  19. 31 January: Edinburgh Airport Noise Management Board Final report for comments.
  20. Fly-posting
    a) Emails on Feb. 2 and other dates about a company that can treat shop windows to prevent fly-posting.. JC forwarded this information to Cllr. Orr, who replied that he will investigate this possibility.
    b) February 5, 2017: Copies of regulations about fly-posting obtained by Hilary McDowell by a FOI.
Emails and letters sent
  1. 12 January 2017: Email to Tommy Sheppard re India buildings, and reply.
  2. 17 January 2017: Letter to Andy Wightman re Holiday lets, following his request in the Edinburgh Evening News.