Secretary’s report for May 2017 meeting.                     


Invitations to events and consultations or invitations to comment (dates of deadlines are highlighted, and items to be mentioned are in grey boxes)

1.     April 2: Consultation on unconventional oil and gas in Scotland, including the potential impacts of shale oil and gas, and coal bed methane, and the technologies involved in extraction, including hydraulic fracturing. Deadline 31 May Responses by 31 May.


2.     April 4: Scottish Government consultation on Improving Parking in Scotland, with a deadline of 30th June 2017



The consultation explores how parking is managed across the country and invites views on delivering a consistent approach to managing and enforcing parking on public roads, including trunk roads, while improving accessibility for all. The consultation paper can be found here -


3.     April 4: Consultative Forum in City Chambers, Edinburgh with to discuss the Waste and Cleansing Service Improvement Plan and the general cleanliness of the city. The dates and locations for the next two meetings are:

12th April – 1pm to 3pm

12th July – 10am to 12pm (when Joan Carter, who attended earlier discussions) may be able to go

4.     April 3: Second consultation on our Airspace Change Programme. Respond on or response forms can be requested and submitted by writing to Freepost LETS GO FURTHER. SCC response submitted.

See also

5.     April 6: Old and New Towns of Edinburgh WHS Management Plan - draft for public consultation


6.     April 15: Council consultation on late hours catering. A licence is required for the use of premises between 23:00 and 05:00hrs, whether the food is consumed on or off the premises. A consultation in 2016 led to revised policy, adopted at the Regulatory Committee Meeting on 19 September 2016. The Committee was asked if they would consider extending the policy to allow premises to operate a “delivery only” service after being closed, so a further consultation exercise is needed. deadline19th May 2017. Response submitted on April 26th, and letter to councilors and MSPs.

7.     April 12: QuietRoutes preliminary design consultation


8.     April 17:Notification of UNDERBELLY CIRCUS HUB 2017 – COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT EVENT. In February, Underbelly were awarded a three year contract to hold the “Circus Hub” on The Meadows from 28 July until 29 August (including build and strike days).  Charlie Wood, Director, Underbelly Ltd would like to meet local community stakeholders to discuss arrangements in a meeting on Tuesday 23 May at 12.30pm in the Octagon Room, City Chambers, Royal Mile, Edinburgh. To attend, email the names to  Tim will attend.

9.     April 18: Corrected link to survey about Edinburgh Design Guidance update, with changes to the Council’s Parking Standards for new developments, advice on Build to Rent Housing, and protected views to the Forth Bridge survey link, with a link to the draft revised Guidance.



1)    Weekly Lists 20/03/2017, 03.04,10.04, 18.04, 24.04

a)    Comments were sent on the proposed changed at St Peters Church, Lutton Place , 7/01039/FUL  and  17/01040/LBC , both delegated

b)    P McD emailed the planning dept. about the 10.04 item 17/01512/FUL to subdivide the LGF at 29 Blackwood Crescent to form 2 two 2 bed flats. The application then became invisible.

a)    The application 17/01568/FUL was discussed for change of use of 65 Clerk Street from a hairdresser's (Gordon Black) to "a cold food cafe, deli and bakery aimed at vegans and vegetarians. All cooking would be done off the premises. The proposal includes additional seating on the ground floor and basement for around 40. It was agreed that there are insufficient grounds for objecting.


Other emails and copies of emails and letters received

1.     30 March: Skelf Bike Park Opening Event Press Release

2.     From Southside Association. Minutes from the March meeting, and the agenda for the meeting to be held on 4 April.

3.     April 2: Edinburgh Trust Community Programme for individuals and community groups who want to apply for funding to set up new projects that can help improve lives, reduce poverty and bring communities together in Edinburgh.

4.     April 2: Request from Sarah Murphy, Senior Parks Technical and Programmes Officer for a pre-meeting with the local community and Charlie Wood, presumably to discuss events in the Meadows (her email is quite obscure about the purpose).

5.     April 3: Tommy Sheppard MP Newsletter - April 2017

6.     April 5: NHS Board Appointments — appeal for interested people (forwarded to SCC members)

7.     April 6: The Southside Surgery will open on Tuesday 2 May  2017 at the Conan Doyle Medical Centre at Cameron Toll

8.     April 6: from Ciaran McDonald (Researcher to Andy Wightman MSP, T: 0131 348 6369
Email: Briefing paper on short term lets. After the local elections, a public meeting will be announced on short term lets in Edinburgh (forward to SCC members)

9.     April 6: Newsletter for the Lutton Court Development  (forward to SCC members)

10.  April 11: Advice on hustings connected with the local election, including reminder that CCs are non-political.


From East Parkside Proprietors' Association

1)    April 11: Request that The Borough Collective  be asked to stop FLY POSTING (copied to all relevant City Council officials)

2)    April 29: continuing inappropriate position of the "No Lorries / No Coaches" sign at that gate. (Holyrood Park) 


Letters & emails sent

April 15th: reply re offer to send a printed copy of the Edinburgh Local Development Plan – Adopted