Southside Planning Vision

The headings below are the result of a brainstorming session attended by four members of the Planning Group. The objective was to identify the key headings and sub-headings for a future Southside Planning Vision. The next step would be to write up these headings into a brief statement of our vision for the future physical environment of the Southside.

We thought it would be useful to share this with the full Community Council even at this very early stage of development. Perhaps you see gaps. Perhaps you think some of the headings or sub-headings below are not the right priorities. All comments are welcome.

Land Use

mixed use, diversity, vibrant, sustainable, stability, attracting a mix of ages/incomes/ethnicities, money stays within the community, appropriate fit with other areas of city, develop business association for Clerk St/Nicholson St corridor, no empty units, attractive to an ‘artistic’ community


promote tram along Clerk St/Nicholson St corridor, deprioritise car, shared spaces, car free, wider pavements, good quality road surfaces, safe cycling, cycle storage,


balanced, integrated, proportionate, development of infill sites, brownfield preference

Environmental Quality

trees, pavement clutter, air quality, amount of light (e.g., adverts), littering, management of front tenement gardens, recycling,

Public Spaces

a network of green spaces, incremental development, develop ‘unloved’ spaces, project-oriented

Community Facilities

meeting community needs, e.g., quality medical facilities

Planning Group
March 2018