Secretary's report February 2018


Invitation to meetings set

15 Feb: From David K R Bewsey" Notice of ACC Meeting Thursday 22nd February, from 7pm until 9 pm. Venue: The Business Centre, City Chambers. RH will attend.

Items on the Agenda:

EACC's role in community planning

Community Councils are one of a number of public bodies involved in community planning. Their voice through the Edinburgh Partnership is one way to engage and influence future community planning. We will discuss whether EACC could be more effective.

Neighbourhood Partnerships will continue in the interim but could they work better and should they be retained?

With the forthcoming Edinburgh Partnership governance review, our opinions could shape how Community Councils make a contribution to Locality Committees.


25 February: Civic Forum Agenda. Someone from the SCC should probably go to the March 14th meeting about The AirBnB Phenomenon  how should Edinburgh respond to short-term letting? Forward it to SCC members. Liz Logie volunteered to attend.


25 February: Invitation to join Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board. Forwarded to





21 Feb: From, re SG Consultation on Electoral Reform:


Emails received

12 Feb : from Letter detailing recent delays in the Meadows to Castle Terrace, and Holyrood Park to Ratcliffe Terrace walk and cycle improvements and the planned next steps for the project.


Feb. 13: From Current Guidance for Businesses advice on ATMs including those located in conservation areas and on listed buildings (page 19 of this file):


19 Feb. Planning weekly lists


21/2/18: From Update on the Homes First campaign on short-term lets, and link


21 Feb: From Colin Christison, with minutes of the February meeting of the Southside Association and the agenda for the March one.


From East Parkside Proprietors' Association: Update on repairs to lights in the Innocent Railway tunnel.


22 Feb : From Steven Blacklaw ( re Resurfacing the road from South Bridge to Newington, starting 9 April and taking approximately 12 weeks, with noisy work up to 11 o'clock at night. Email sent requesting that Lothian buses are asked to reconsider the removal of the bus stop opposite Montague St.


he replied

The number of bus stops has a direct effect on journey time and while it would be nice to drop people off exactly where they want to go to, it is not practical to do so and a balance needs to be drawn. Edinburgh has one of the highest density of bus stops in UK which has led to passenger comments about the slowness of their journey.


DC COMMENT: I think the slowness might also be due to the heavy traffic. is there any evidence that removing this stop will make bus journeys significantly faster? 


With regard to the bus stop that Lothian Buses have suggested be removed, it is unpaired (i.e. there is no matching stop on the opposite side of the road) and it is 160 metres from the previous stop and 190 metres from the next stop. If the stop is removed the distance between the remaining stops will be 350 metres which compares favourably with the national guidance which suggests 400 metres between stops. The reason for suggesting this now is to avoid the situation where line markings have to be burnt off a relatively new surface. We are aware of the closeness of the Duncan St stop to the adjacent stops and would be suggesting its removal if Minto St was being resurfaced.


DC COMMENT: First, I am not hugely impressed b y the need ti maintain pairing of bus stops. Second, the national guidance might be perfectly sensible as a general rule, but there are good arguments for different spacings in different contexts, and a shopping street in a very dense urban area surely has a claim to be considered for a higher density than usual. 


March 6: The fourth and final phase of EdinburghÕs 20mph rollout came into effect in South Edinburgh on Monday 5 March 2018.


March 6: From Judith Fordham, Development Plan Support Officer (Tel 0131 529 4692 |, asking us to respond to their invitation to a briefing with the Development Plan team, to gather your views on potential issues for the LDP 2, and also to ask for suggestions on shaping engagement with the wider public. This is one of four briefings, with emphasis on the south east area of the city.  It is on Thursday 22 March from 5pm – 6.30pm, light refreshments will be served from 4.45pm at Diamond Jubilee Room, City Chambers. 


March 5: From: Milesmark and Baldridge Community Council [] 
Asking if we can disseminate a Wildlife Information Leaflet and Poster which aims to encourage local people to help Wildlife, specifically Hedgehogs, Birds, Bees and Butterflies, e.g. by displaying on a Notice Board/Face Book page etc.