Chair's Report November 2018

  1. Charteris Greyfriars Centre – I submitted a comment in support of the proposed development at the Greyfriars Charteris Centre.

  2. Le Dermex – I submitted an objection to the proposed erection of external ducts to the rear of 58 South Clerk Street, formerly Le Dermex.

  3. EACC – I attended the 25 October meeting of the EACC. The main agenda item was the Council’s forthcoming consultation on the Scheme of Community Councils. Whilst boundaries are up for review, the main item of this consultation seemed to be engagement with young people. The consultation will run from January and the revised Scheme will be implemented at the time of next October’s Community Council elections.

    Also discussed were:

    • engagement with the new Locality Committees;
    • a replacement for the Neighbourhood Partnerships, with one proposal being Locality-wide Community Planning Partnerships feeding into the Edinburgh Partnership and new Neighbourhood Networks sitting alongside these new Locality CPP’s, and
    • attempts negotiate a city-wide insurance deal for Community Councils.

  4. David Benyon – of course, we note the very sad passing of our colleague, David Benyon. I was pleased to be able to attend the celebration of David’s life on 9 November at Mortonhall and to be joined there by Philip and Bob.

November, 2018