Communications Report November 2018

  1. Newsletter

    5000 copies of the newsletter have been delivered to addresses in our area. The area contains more that 5000 addresses, but Central Belt Leaflet Distribution advised that it is never possible to get 100% coverage, and that 5000 leaflets was probably a reaiistic figure. A pdf version of the newsletter is available on the website, and Geraldine Harvey of the University has been asked to email all the students in our area with a link to the newsletter.

  2. Pop-up Bob

    The cardboard cut out Policeman with a speed gun: I still haven't had any further news of when he will be arriving, nor have I heard from anybody about where they would like him placed. If you know of a good place where he might be effective in slowing down the traffic please let me know. I expect he will be with us soon.

  3. Speed indicating sign

    We have been informed that we would not be permitted to put up a sign ourselves, but it is planned to use signs of this type around the city. We were told that the Police are introducing a scheme for volunteers to learn how to use speed guns to help with monitoring vehicle speeds. I have asked to be informed about this scheme, and will report back when I have more information.

  4. Vinyl Map

    I now have a vinyl map. it cost £29.

Philip McDowell
November 2018